Changes for 2020-21

Hello Rikert ticket/pass holder,

Thank you for choosing to support Rikert Cross Country Center this winter. Our goal this season is to provide a healthy, safe outlet for recreation this winter. Fortunately, we have a great system in place to ensure access to the trail system and facilities, to help make your Rikert experience safe for you, your family and Rikert staff.

This letter serves to inform you of the most important changes this season at Rikert. In addition to this notice, please see our complete Covid-19 Guidelines.

Changes to our systems and program this season:

  • RESERVATIONS – To ensure proper contact tracing ability, state mandated Covid-19 guidelines require us to maintain electronic records of persons entering our facility. As a result, we require that you make a reservation online. This includes non-skiing drivers or chauffeurs as well as all members of a family pass. Currently, we do not have plans to limit number of visitors at Rikert, but we may have to in the future should things change. The reservation process is quick and easy and can be done through our MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW button/link found easily on our website home page. 
  • Only make reservations on days you plan to ski, not days you think you might ski. 
  • Include in reservation process all family members if arriving under a family pass.
  • When making reservations for the first time this season, please enter the word “RIKERT” in pass holder field of the reservation process. 
  • RIKERT FACILITY CHANGES – To reduce in person contact and potential exposure for our patrons and staff we have spread out the points of contact. We ask whenever possible that you ski from your car. There are four structures or spaces of key importance this season for you to be aware of that have changed since last season. They are:
    • Gate House – The gate house will be located on the driveway when you enter the facility nearest the parking lot. You must stop at gate house every time you enter and we will confirm your reservation for the day. This is also the location where you pick up your seasons pass and/or day ticket when applicable. 
    • Milk House – The historic and centrally located Milk House is the information and food center. General questions, trail conditions and food purchases can be managed by staff members through the side window of the milk house. 
    • Ski Shop – The ski shop this season will be for rental customers and rest room use only and will have a limited capacity. One-way traffic and signage will shepherd people through the facility. Due to capacity limits we ask for everyone’s patience this season when entering the ski shop specifically. 
    • Ski Patrol –Since there is no college team training or racing from Rikert this winter, the Team Room, located at the south east corner of the main barn building, will be repurposed for the Ski Patrol.
  • SEASONS PASS AND DAY TICKET PURCHASE – All passes and day tickets will be purchased on-line to reduce in person contact/exposure for everyone. All tickets and passes can be picked up at the Gate House when you arrive. There will be no in person purchases of passes or tickets.

We hope that you enjoy your time outdoors this season. Be smart and stay safe and most of all, have fun!


Barney Hodges – Assistant Manager – Rikert Cross Country Center